Stealing the Rhythm out of the night!

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The Rhythm Bandits

The honest to goodness true story of The Rhythm Bandits!


I've been drooling for the good times baby ....I've been misusing!

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 The Rhythm Bandits are a Rock and Rhythm and Blues band from the Rockville, MD area.  Playing only the best of the best and dedicated to life, liberty and the pursuit of frivolity we guarantee a Hell of a Time!

Our lineup:

Lead singer:

Brian Karem

lead and rhythm guitars:

Richard "Guitar" Rosenblatt

John "Mad Man" Moffett

Bass guitar:

Mark "Magic Man" Washburn


Eric "Bam Bam" Nelson

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Late one night after once again saving the free world from tyranny and oppression Brian Karem and Richard Rosenblatt sat down to watch the latest episode of "Cosmos" and have a much needed drink. Richard was downing an iced-tea with extra lemon while knocking back shots of vodka and Brian was working on a Maker's Mark straight up with a club soda back. "Where have all the great rock n' roll bands gone?" They both lamented. "And why can't we have a really cool theme song?"

In a flash they knew they'd been placed on this earth to continue to spread the good word of Rock n' Roll. 

They scoured the countryside and found "Captain Cornflake" John Moffett blowing on his harp while he judged wet t-shirt contests at a nunnery in his off-time from putting the flakes in cereal food .  They quickly enlisted his help.

Next they found Eric "Bam Bam" Nelson under an old street light beating away on a garbage can, keeping impeccable time and smiling while he added a melodic voice to the pulsating rhythm - sipping from his well hidden flask on the down beat. He was in with a wide grin.

Almost complete, they took a road trip to contemplate their future and find that good theme song and found Mark, the "Magic Man" Washburn working in a Tux and tails on a chicken farm in Waldorf.  Tired of choking those game hens, he was in for virtue or sin.

Now they're all together. Dangerous. Rocking and stealing the rhythm out of the night!

Lock the doors. Warn the neighbors. Hide the cats. No one is safe from the pulsating sound, the urge to dance and sing and the sheer, raw power of Rock n' Roll.

The Rhythm Bandits are on the loose!

Music samples:

L'Il Devil - The Cult

Are You gonna be my Girl? - Jet

​L.A Woman - The Doors

Sweet Jane - Lou Reed

Heads in Mississippi - ZZ top

Once Bitten - Ian Hunter

Gimme Three Steps

I feel Good - James Brown

Train, Train - Blackfoot

Sedated - The Ramones

All Right Now - Free

Carolina Blues - Blues Traveler

Squeeze Box - The Who

American Girl - Tom Petty

Taking Care of Business - B.T.O.

Mississippi Queen - Mountain

Suffragette City - David Bowie

Live with Me - The 'Stones