Celebrate Kentucky DERBY! Party! Bourbon! Horses! Women! Music!


​4922 Cordell Avenue 
Bethesda, MD 20814 


About The Rhythm Bandits:

8 P.M. until Midnight. Super Saturday! Mix Bar and Grille. 9812 Falls Rd., Potomac MD

Rock n' Roll for the cause! (That cause being music and food.

Celebrating a birthday with our lead singer and celebrating good old fashion Rock n' Roll at Hersheys in Gaithersburg! 17030 Oakmont Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20877 9:30 to 1 A.M. 


Raised on a good bourbon, scotch and beer and indifferent to the vicissitudes of techno babble funk, The Rhythm Bandits are Rockin' like a ferret on benzedrine - ready to steal the Rhythm out of the Night! (See our full story under our music section!)

Stealing the Rhythm out of the night!

The Rhythm Bandits

Mix Grille

Caddies on Cordell


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