Stealing the Rhythm out of the night!

The Rhythm Bandits


Private Party with reprobates and rock n' rollers!

Bar The Lawyers!

About The Rhythm Bandits:

Raised on a good bourbon, scotch and beer and indifferent to the vicissitudes of techno babble funk, The Rhythm Bandits are Rockin' like a ferret on benzedrine - ready to steal the Rhythm out of the Night! (See our full story under our music section!)


Check the Pulse!‚Äč

Join us with the Montgomery County Bar Association (Private party - come on you lawyers show up) At Bar Louie in Rockville MD from 5-7 p.m.

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Halloween at Outta the Way

Judge Johnny's Private Gig


A Rock n' Roll show with a cause. We'll auction off a new guitar for charity (The American Cancer Society) and we'll have prizes for the best costume! LAST PUBLIC SHOW OF THE YEAR!